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Contemporary Media (Video Production)

Lights, Camera, Action
Since its inception, film and television has been a dominate form of communication and entertainment around the world. Today, with the creation of YouTube and streaming platforms, the need for writers, producers, editors, visual effects artists, and videographers is constantly growing. Businesses today are in constant need of new talent with excellent skills that can create content to promote products and/or entertain a large viewing audience.

In Contemporary Media, you will learn about film and the film industry. You will study the art of film making from pre-production to post-production. You will learn about different types of content formats such as YouTube, television, commercials, short form content, and full length feature films and explore different types of equipment and film techniques. At the end of the course, you will be able to make your artistic visions come to life. 


Contemporary Media 1 (Video Production)
Contemporary Media 1 is an introductory class where students learn the basic skills required to create film projects. You will learn how to edit your projects using Adobe Premiere Pro and enhance your projects with visual effects created using Adobe After Effects. Through individual and group projects, you will advance your skills as a visual story teller.

Contemporary Media 2 (Corona Report)
In Contemporary Media 2, students are responsible for creating the schools student television newscast called The Corona Report. Each week students work in groups to create news stories, skits, and commercials that are broadcasted to the entire school. 

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