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Classroom Expectations (RAWR)

R.A.W.R. Title


Panthers honor the worth and value of themselves and others
Respect everyone’s right to learn
Listen to teachers and other students
Use appropriate voice, volume, and academic language
Push chairs in and keep your area clean
Be careful with materials
Treat others the way you want to be treated
Use good manners Use appropriate language
Pick up trash and place in trash cans
Recycle when possible Wait your turn in line
Be careful and responsible with school and personal devices Remain positive and encouraging; avoid
negativity through electronic communication and social media
Be polite during performances and presentations Exhibit good
sportsmanship as both player and spectator
Use crosswalks to cross streets quickly and safely
Use sidewalks Drive safely
Help others be safe, when needed


Panthers strive to take ownership of their actions and success
Be punctual and present Be prepared with classroom materials Complete your own work with pride;
avoid plagiarism
Return materials and equipment to appropriate areas Remember passwords and combinations
Follow CNUSD dress code (refer to student handbook)
Always carry school ID Use restroom as necessary and efficiently Sign in and out of office Travel
quickly to and from destinations
Pick up trash and place and in trash cans
Remember your log-in and password information
Report any suspicious or inappropriate posts to any staff or administrator
Carry ID/ASB cards Bring and keep tickets for school events Clean up trash
Follow traffic signs, signals, and laws Follow directions from law enforcement Report and remove
yourself from unsafe environments


Panthers are actively involved in their education and school community
Greet staff and students upon entry
Be an active participant Seek help when needed Wish staff and students well upon exit
Actively listen to announcements
Remove your hat, hood, earbuds, and/or sunglasses when communicating with someone
Be conscious of others’ personal space
Report inappropriate and unsafe activity
Be courteous and civil to all staff and students
Promote positive school accomplishments via social media
Keep track of academic information/progress on Q/Canvas/Remind
Choose to participate in an organization, activity, and/or sport
Attend performances, productions, and sporting events Encourage your classmates to be successful
Purchase ASB Card
Share information with family members
Engage with community partners
Participate in PTSA


Panthers bounce back from difficult experiences and mistakes
Learn from and correct mistakes
Take responsibility for your actions
Accept direction, consequences, and praise from security, administrators,
and any staff member
Take responsibility for posts/comments/texts/ e-mails and address as needed
Avoid unnecessary “drama”
Take care of your body to perform at your best Challenge yourself and take responsible risks Don’t be afraid of “failure”
Trust that teachers’, coaches’, and administrators’ decisions are for the best of the school and students

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